CLOSER designs and builds affordable living eco-systems using co-housing methods, shared resource use and expense reduction programs to make the total cost of living in a CLOSER development even more affordable.


Our Mission

To provide the most desirable affordable housing solutions in New Zealand. We will deliver quality warm, dry, efficient homes with the benefits of living in a connected community.

We use the internationally regarded standard for "affordable" 'that housing should cost no more than 1/3 of a household's income' To us this also includes all ongoing costs associated with your home.


We build communities not just houses.


The idea of a shared solar energy system to reduce the cost for each resident is so simple it’s a wonder it hasn’t been done before. We all benefit from the lower electricity bills and it’s all taken care of for us.
— Emma Johnson

HOw it works

  • Co-housing is nothing more than sharing resources with your neighbors.
  • Think of it like a horizontal apartment complex.
  • By working together everyone shares the benefits.
  • Income generated by a commercial zone is redistributed to the residents.
  • By building new smart homes we ensure every house is as efficient, dry and warm as can be.
  • Shared resources mean a lower cost per household to establish eg.
  • Solar energy systems create power for the development to reduce power bills
  • Shared green spaces gives everyone the space they need.